Melfort Public Library

The Maude E. Burke Art Collection is housed in the Melfort Public Library

Melfort Public Library
Aalen, Solveig Untitled Oil
Aalen, Solveig-Untitled
Barrie, Marg Prairie Scene Oil Presented to George T. Anderson in appreciation of his service to Wapiti Regional Library, September 23, 1978
Barrie, Marg-Prairie Scene
Constant, Alvin 1946-2006 Spirit Oil 1979
Constant, Alvin-Spirit
Dickie, P. Untitled Oil
Dickie, P.-Untitled
Funk, Kathy Country Folklore Cross stitch c. 2000
Funk, Kathy-Country Folklore
Funk, Kathy Hearts Cross stitch c. 2000
Funk, -Kathy Hearts
Gentleman, H.W. Autumn Foliage Oil October, 1960
Gentleman, H.W. -Autumn Foliage
Gentleman, H.W. Mountain Trails Oil July 5, 1963 Written on back, "Impression of The Big Bend"
Gentleman, H.W. -Mountain Trails
Gentleman, H.W. Puzzled Oil December, 1963
Gentleman, H.W. -Puzzled
Glendenning, Ada Untitled Oil
Glendenning, Ada -Untitled
Harold, E. Untitled
Harold, E. -Untitled
Harold, E. Untitled Oil
Harold, E. -Untitled
Hoffman, Nadine Fractured Tree Oil c. 2010
Hoffman, Nadine -Fractured Tree
Hoffman, Nadine Mural on West Wall of Story Room 2003
Hoffman, Nadine -Mural on West Wall of Story Room
Hoffman, Nadine Mural and Tree on East Wall of Story Room as part of Kendra's Kids' Corner reno, 2013 in memory of Kendra Kerr
Hoffman, Nadine-Mural and Tree on East Wall
Jones, Barbara The Fairground Lithograph SP2-C, 1940's, School print series In memory of D.J. McCarthy, Chairman of Library Board, 1948-1954
Jones, Barbara -The Fairground
Kendra Kerr and Her Children Donated for Kendra's Kids' Corner by Randy Kerr 2013
Kendra Kerr and Her Children
Lefebvre, H. Untitled Oil
Lefebvre, H. -Untitled
Map of Saskatchewan/Assiniboia Territory showing Mounted Police Stations and Patrols in 1888. Donated to the Library by Provincial Court Judge Barrett D. Halderman from his office when he retired in 2007.
Map of Saskatchewan/Assiniboia Territory
Nordquist, V.A. Untitled Oil August 31, 1974
Nordquist, V.A. -Untitled
Radloff, E. Autumn Splendor Oil
Radloff, E. -Autumn Splendor
The Canadian Bill of Rights Presented to the City of Melfort, Print 78/500 Signed by all living Prime Ministers Joe Clark, Jean Chretien, Kim Campbell, Brian Mulroney, John Turner, Pierre Trudeau Millenium Project - 2000
The Canadian Bill of Rights
The Magna Carta
The Magna Carta
Weir, L. Silent Master Oil 1964
Weir, L. -Silent Master
Woods, Keith R. Prairie Morning Oil 1974
Woods, Keith R. -Prairie Morning