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2023 Project Information Is Here! 

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Additional information about each project can be found in the tables below the project map. 

2023 Capital Construction Projects 

Project Name



Additional Information

2023 Airport Runway & Taxiway MaintenanceThis project includes repairing approximately 20 kilometres of transverse and longitudinal cracks in the asphalt runway and taxiway.

Without these critical repairs, the condition of the runway and taxiway will continue to degrade and become a major safety hazard for the aircrafts using the facility. Addressing the concern will minimize further degeneration and extend the lifespan of both the taxiway and runway and improve the safety and operations of Miller Airport.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Saskatchewan's Community Airport Partnership (CAP) program.
Complete!Community Airports Receive Another Lift | News and Media | Government of Saskatchewan

2023 Street Renewal Program

This project is a part of the City's ongoing street renewal program. This project includes installing new concrete curbs, constructing a new asphalt pathway, and repaving approximately 600m of roadway on Broadway Ave S, from South Ave to Wesley Street. Construction began in June 2023.



Advance Construction Notice - Broadway Ave S - April 2023

Construction Notice - Broadway Ave S - June 2023

Schedule Update - Broadway Ave S - August 2023

Local Traffic Safety Initiatives

The goal of this project is to improve pedestrian safety and accessibility along Hatton Ave E between the elementary and high school. This project includes installing new sidewalk along this street, enhancing the crosswalks in the area, and reconfiguring the city parking lot by the ball diamonds. Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in July 2023.


This project is funded in part by the Government of Saskatchewan's Provincial Traffic Safety Fund.


Provincial Traffic Safety Fund Grants: $1M for 65 Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Initiatives | News and Media | Government of Saskatchewan

Southgate Servicing - Land Development

This project will include installing approximately 800m of sewer main and 800m of water main to service the lots in the Southgate Industrial area. 

Construction start scheduled for April 2024. 

Coming Soon!

2022 Street Renewal Program

This project includes installing new concrete sidewalks and curbs and repaving the street on the 300 block of Burrows Avenue East. This project was originally scheduled to happen in 2022 as a part of the City's ongoing street renewal strategy. This project was deferred to May 2023 due to weather conditions and conflicts with other work in the area.



Construction Notice - Burrows Ave E - May 24, 2023

Schedule Update - Burrows Ave E - July 14, 2023

Sask Drive Pathway Paving

This work has been carried over from 2022 and will include paving approximately 480m of gravel pathway on the eastern edge of Sask Drive.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada's Active Transportation Fund.



Landfill Decommissioning Project

The object of this project is complete a progressive closure of the existing landfill cell and construct a new cell on the site that meets the current environmental standards.


This project is currently in the design phase.


Coming Soon!

Plans & Studies 




Target Completion

Sanitary Sewer Master Plan

In 2022, the City hired Catterall & Wright Consulting Engineers to complete a comprehensive study on the City's sanitary sewer network. Infrastructure master plans are critical planning documents used by cities to identify existing infrastructure improvements required to maintain levels of services as well as the infrastructure required to support growth and development.


The goals of this study are to:  

  • Create a Sanitary Sewer Model for the existing sanitary collection system including lift stations.  
  • Identify existing problem areas in the City and review opportunities to reduce the number of lift stations in the City.  
  • review the existing sewage lagoon facility and provide comment on its operation, condition, and available capacity.  
  • Create a Sanitary Sewer Master Plan outlining sanitary improvement priorities in the City to accommodate new development and improve existing operations.


In - Progress

September 2023

Maude Burke Park Redesign Project

Maude Burke Park is an urban park located on the south side of Melfort on Broadway Avenue South.  This park and playground is a very popular community park that needs to be updated in order to keep meeting community needs.  The City of Melfort is seeking a park design that maximizes the small urban space with multiple play stations including the splash pad.

The City of Melfort has hired Scatliff+Miller+Murray, a qualified consulting firm with experience in the field of park development and playground design, to produce a concept plan and report outlining the options to refresh the amenities at Maude Burke Park. This report will serve as a guiding document for the City's Community Services team as they plan future capital projects at this location.

PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT: The Maude Burke Park Refresh Survey is now CLOSED! Thank you to everyone who participated in this survey and shared your thoughts, your response is much appreciated!

Conceptual Design is now complete! September 2023

Please contact us with any additional questions you may have about our ongoing projects! 
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