Equipment Loan Program

The City of Melfort offers to the public the ability to loan outdoor equipment for free to enjoy the beauty of our city while keeping fit and having fun.

Available Equipment:

OutBack Ski's - OAC skinbased™ skis are designed for all levels of skiers to enjoy easy access to wintery nature everywhere, even in city parks. They are also designed for passionate backcountry skiers and professionals. These skis provide the real freedom of skiing on all types of terrain, wherever you are. These skis are made to break trail and work on any park space that is full of snow. ( Please note these are NOT meant for cross country ski trails)


Snowshoes - Snowshoes are specialized outdoor gear for walking over snowTheir large footprint spreads the user's weight out and allows them to travel largely on top of rather than through snow. Adjustable bindings attach them to appropriate winter footwear.


PLEASE NOTE: Nordic Poles are available for both  skis and snowshoes

Kicksleds - a perfect for the Canadian outdoors. Great cardio exercise, kicksledding is an alternative to cross-country skiing for those who like a little more stability on snow or ice. It's also the perfect family sport!

It's well suited for fitness training or just getting around outside in winter. Kicksledding works the muscles in the lower back and in the back of the thighs. You can use it on compacted snow or ice.

Equipment loan is subject to availability, To borrow equipment contact the Northern Lights Palace at 306-752-7200.