Compost Site

 Location: West end of Central Street
 Hours of Operation: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, Monday, Friday and Saturday

The compost site will accept garden waste, leaves, grass clippings and branches under 6" in diameter.  The site will not accept elm trees or elm branches, tree stumps or tree roots, construction material, wood shingles or treated wood, table scraps or garbage.  All bags, boxes and containers must be removed.  This facility is free to the public.
Please note that City of Melfort residents can haul elm trees to the landfill for a fee.  Click on Dutch Elm Disease FAQs for more information.

Commercial loads of trees will not be accepted at the Compost Site.  Commercial loads of trees will be accepted at the City of Melfort Landfill. Regular rates will apply.

The City does not currently sell compost, mulch, or wood chips.
Under evaluation