How do I set up a water account?

Application for water service must be made at City Hall or by calling water services at 752-7935.

Is there a connect fee?

Property owners wishing to connect water must pay a $100 deposit, renters must pay a $200 deposit in addition to an application fee of $15.00. Water services will NOT be provided until the deposit is paid.

Additional fees include $50.00 for permanent disconnections, seasonal disconnections or reconnections due to arrears.

What happens to the deposit when I move?

When a resident moves to a new location within the City the deposit is transferred and a transfer fee of $15.00 is charged to the account. When a resident disconnects services and does not require a hook-up at another location in the City the deposit is applied against the final bill and if there is a credit, a refund cheque is issued.

How often do I receive a bill and what are the rates?

Residential properties are billed every two months. Commercial properties are billed monthly. For all consumers, the base rate is $40.25/month plus consumption, which is calculated at $3.53/cubic metre, effective March 1, 2021.

What other charges may appear on my Utility bill?

Waste and recyclable collection fees are also billed on the utility bills. The rates are $15.00 per month for residential and $15.00 per month per multi-family unit. 
Furthermore, a charge for outdoor water readers and/or sewer relines may also appear on your bill.

When is my bill due?

The due date is clearly stated on the utility bill. Interest of 1.5% per month is charged on overdue accounts.

How do I pay my water bill?

  • At City Hall:
    • From 8:00 to 4:30 you can pay by cash, cheque or debit card. After hours, please use the 24-hour deposit box by the front door.
  • Mail To:
    • City of Melfort, Box 2230, Melfort, SK, S0E 1A0
  • By Phone:
    • You can pay your City of Melfort utility account from your home if you use a telephone payment service through your financial institution. Note: Your 12 digit account number is entered with NO spaces.
  • At Your Financial Institution
    • You can pay your City of Melfort utility account at most financial institutions. Note: Your 12 digit account number is entered with NO spaces.
  • Pre-Authorized Payment Plan
    • To enroll, print off the application formin the brochure and send it along with a void cheque to:
      • City of Melfort, Box 2230, Melfort, SK, S0E 1A0
    • After your initial authorization, we will automatically debit your bank account for the billed amount shown on your utility statement. You will continue to receive a (bi) monthly invoice which lists your utility charges.

Can I pay my water bill by Visa?

Currently the City of Melfort is not set up to accept any credit card payments.

What happens if I default payment on my water bill?

City of Melfort staff will follow the Utility Bill Collection Policy 1.3.80.

Why is my water bill so high?

  • Plumbing leaks in toilets and maps.
  • Consecutive estimated readings followed by an actual reading. (If your water usage was underestimated and your consumption for previous billing periods was higher, you may see an increase in your current water bill.)
  • The timing of the readings. Readings are not always taken on the same date each month. This could increase the number of days in a billing period.
  • An increase in the number of people in the household.
  • Using more water for watering lawns and gardens.

What should I do if I think my meter is not working properly?

Take a night reading when you are done using water for the day, followed by a morning reading. Meter movement overnight may mean a plumbing problem. Please call your plumber to fix the problem.

How do I know if my toilet is leaking?

A good test is to use the dye test. Put a few drops of food coloring in the tank of your toilet. Do not flush your toilet for at least 30 minutes. Food coloring should not appear in your toilet bowl. If the food coloring does appear then your toilet is leaking and you should contact a plumber to fix the problem.

What if a City Meter Reader cannot get a reading from my water meter?

Your consumption will be estimated unless you phone in your reading to (306)752-7935 (leave message).