Business Incentives

The City of Melfort recognizes the benefit of ongoing development and growth in the community. To assist existing businesses to grow and, to help new businesses to be successful, the City of Melfort has developed policies to accommodate expansion and improvement in the community.

The Economic Development office is readily available to answer any questions or provide input and assistance concerning the incentive policies or other economic priorities in the community.

  • Large Business Incentive Policy
  • Business Incentive Policy
  • Heritage Building Incentive Policy
  • Multi-Unit Rental Incentive Policy
  • Residential Incentive Policy and application form to access Residential Incentives
  • Labour Incentives:
    • Job Start/Future Skill
      • This Government of Saskatchewan initiative provides funding to Saskatchewan employers to promote training that creates new employment in full time positions. Training subsidies are available up to a maximum of $5,000 (Cdn) per trainee. 
    • National Research Council
      • NRC-IRAP provides financial support for a range of research and development activities that will improve a company’s competitiveness and provide assistance with Youth Employment Strategy. See
    • Equity Investment:
      • Investment Saskatchewan
        • One of the most important vehicles for industry expansion is equity financing through Investment Saskatchewan.
        • Saskatchewan Entrepreneurial Fund
      • Small businesses recommended by the Entrepreneurial Foundation of Saskatchewan are eligible for assistance under this program.